Selling real estate properties in Haute-Savoie

Do you wish to sell a real estate property in Haute-Savoie? DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER accompanies you through all the requirements for this sale to be done in the best possible conditions.
Like many other owners in the department 74, trust DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER to sell but especially to value your apartment or your house so that it sells at the best price and without any bad surprises.

Why would you trust your property for sale to DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER ?

Our team perfectly knows this is so beautiful and pleasant region that Haute-Savoie is, as much in terms of geography as in terms of the analysis of the competitive market. A house that is about 100m² in Evian will not be sold at the same price as a similar one located in Thonon for example. This is this expertise that our office places at your disposal to guide you in the selling of your real estate property in Haute-Savoie, through every single step of it, from the estimate until the signing up of a preliminary sale contract.
Trusting a local office to sell your real estate property is also to a way to earn some precious time and benefit from all the means of communication it can use, in the press as well as through the internet, to insure its promotion.
Nestled in the very heart of Evian-les-Bains, very close to the jetty to go to the Swiss shores and the townhall, our office has an ideal location and attracts more and more new buyers who are after unique real estate properties in Chablais and its vicinity.
Regardless whether it is a recent property, a family home inherited from your parents, or a flat already on the rent market, at DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER we are well aware that selling a real estate property, whatever it may be, is a matter of importance; and then that it is necessary to adapt to each owner so as to accompany them best through the whole process.

The selling of real estate property in Haute-Savoie in a few numbers

Setting up a real estate property for sale requires patience. A flat or a house does not get sold usually within a week; it is even very scarce! Nonetheless in Haute-Savoie, real estate properties tend to be sold pretty fast. Situated between lakes and mountains, the region distinguishes itself by its landscapes as well as by the quality of life it offers. It is more and more sought after and it is no wonder to learn it is one of the most favourite regions in the French people’s heart, of course for spending holidays but first and foremost to settle down.
Thus, the average length for a sale in the 74 department is estimated around some 70 days, which means more or less 3 months’ time. The time required to buy would though tend to raise up to sometimes reach a rough hundred of days.
In terms of price, the price per square metre in Haute-Savoie in Chablais is estimated at a bit more than 3600 euros for a flat and about 3300 euros for a house.
You wish to sell a real estate property in Evian or near the Swiss border ?
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