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  5. Non-mandatory real estate diagnoses in technical diagnoses file (DDT)

Non-mandatory real estate diagnoses in technical diagnoses file (DDT)

    Non-mandatory real estate diagnoses in technical diagnoses file (DDT)

    You want to sell or buy an apartment or a house and you already have in your hands the complete technical diagnoses file ? Do not hesitate to have additional diagnoses made to complete your file !

    Non-mandatory, but rewarding real estate diagnoses

    In addition to the mandatory diagnoses, you can have additional diagnoses made to enhance the housing and provide additional informations :
    - The acoustic diagnosis,
    - The diagnosis of indoor air quality.
    These two approaches respond to a desire to control the indoor environment to ensure the well-being of occupants and avoid health problems (migraine, allergies ...). It is therefore in the search for greater transparency that we advise you to achieve them.

    The acoustic diagnosis

    Noise can quickly become a nuisance on a daily basis. Measuring the sound level of a home can therefore have a strong interest for the buyer. It allows to know the possible noise nuisance of the house, whether due to external effects (proximity of a busy road, a railway ...) or interior (sound insulation of housing).
    While some factors are obvious, especially with regard to the location of the dwelling, others are more discreet and can not be measured during one or two visits before signing a promise to purchase.
    Do not hesitate to visit the apartment or the house at different times of the day, to realize the general atmosphere (neighbors, traffic, etc.)
    We also advise you to make an acoustic diagnosis that will provide you with detailed information on the soundproofing of the dwelling and will allow you to know if work is to be expected (renovation of a plumbing loud noises for example).

    The diagnosis of indoor air quality

    As for noise, the diagnosis of indoor air quality is not mandatory but allows you to measure the level of pollution to which housing is exposed. In addition to outdoor pollution, sources can be multiple in your interior: furniture, household products, insulation, paints, carpets, floors, etc ... All elements that can reject chemicals sometimes carcinogenic.
    To ensure your well-being and that of your family, this diagnosis will allow you to consider some work to clean up the atmosphere of your home. It will also allow you to search for allergenic sources potentially present in the housing.

    Always call a certified diagnostician

    To be sure of the quality of these diagnoses, we advise you to call an authorized diagnostician. You can consult the directory of certified diagnoses available on the website of the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea to find a trusted professional.
    As part of your project, the teams of De Cordier Immobilier accompany you and take care for you to carry out diagnoses by an authorized diagnoser.