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The technical diagnoses file (DDT)

    The technical diagnoses file (DDT)

    You want to sell or buy an apartment or a house ? The technical diagnostics file, which gives a picture of the state of the house, is there to help you make your transaction in good conditions !

    The technical diagnoses file : a detailed portrait of your home

    During any real estate transaction, the seller must provide all the documents requested in the DDT. These allow both parties to know the state of the housing and to carry out the transaction in a transparent way.
    • Are you a seller?
    A complete DDT made by a reliable professional is a guarantee of serenity when the publication of your offer will be made in an enlightened and fair way.
    • Are you a buyer?
    Make sure you have all the necessary parts in hand and do not hesitate to ask the help of real estate professionals to avoid any unpleasant surprises, such as unplanned renovations, especially when it comes to insulation or facilities.

    What DDT should contain ?

    The law obliges the seller to provide different diagnoses, according to certain specificities of the housing put on the market, such as its date of construction, the area where it is located and if it has been declared at risk by an order, for termites or particularly natural risks (flood, soil instability ...). Find out how to avoid paying an unnecessary diagnosis!
    - the DPE (diagnosis of energy performance) not requested during a sale on plan or VEFA),
    - the risk of exposure to lead,
    - asbestos status,
    - the condition relating to the presence of termites, if the dwelling is in a risk zone,
    - the condition of the indoor gas installation, if the installation is more than 15 years old,
    - the condition of the indoor electricity installation, if the installation is more than 15 years old,
    - the state of the non-collective sanitation installation, for dwellings not connected to the public network,
    - the condition of the "risk" and soil information easements, if the dwelling is in a risk zone,
    - the Mérule diagnosis,
    - the measuring « Loi Carrez »
    - the Randon diagnosis (since 1 July 2017).

    Choose your certified diagnostician: a pledge of serenity for everyone

    For the seller, it is mandatory to go through an authorized diagnostician for the realization of these various measures. Prices vary depending on the type of housing and diagnoses to be made. We strongly advise you to call on a professional who proposes a pack adapted to your housing in order to avoid multiplying the speakers.
    To find your certified professional, you can consult the directory of certified diagnosticians available on the website of the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea.
    As part of your project, the teams of De Cordier Immobilier accompany you and take care for you to carry out mandatory diagnoses by an authorized diagnoser. We thus avoid you the sometimes tedious task of choosing a diagnoser and you ensure the constitution of a complete file and adequate to the characteristics of the housing which you sell.