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Choose a real estate agency in Evian

    Choose a real estate agency in Evian

    5 tips to choose your real estate agency in Evian

    Evian-les-Bains and its region do not stop attracting vacationers but also year-round residents wishing to take advantage of the many benefits offered by Haute-Savoie and especially Chablais, both in terms of environment, economy and culture. No wonder, therefore, to see the number of real estate agencies multiplying. And as in all sectors, you have to know how to distinguish a good agency from a bad agency. Certain criteria will help you to make the best choice to ensure the sale or purchase quickly and at the market price of a property in Evian.

    1. A real estate agency located in Evian

    It is always better to choose an agency located in the town where you want to buy or sell. It is the insurance to have in front of you professionals knowing the region, the specificities of the market, to the fact of real estate news of Evian-les-Bains and its region. He will know how to set a fair price and showcase the property to potential buyers.
    An agency located nearby will keep you informed of the projects of the town, any new real estate programs in Evian and its region that will take place, the development of the transport network ... A real estate agent who is on site has generally developed a network that allows him to know which goods are or will be on sale soon and to fully understand the expectations of buyers.

    2. Choose a simple or exclusive mandate ?

    Entrusting the sale of real estate to an agency involves the signing of a mandate. This can be simple or exclusive, and each of these two options has its advantages. The first offers a great freedom - allowing to entrust his property to several agencies as selling it by his own means - the second is the assurance of seeing an agency fully involved in the search for a buyer.
    If you choose the simple mandate, avoid using too many agencies. This could confuse potential buyers. Moreover, when there are too many competing agencies, the involvement of each of them may be reduced and the means of publicity deployed.

    3. How will the ad be delivered ?

    One of the most important criteria to consider when choosing your real estate agency in Evian is the means of dissemination it will use to promote the sale of your home.
    Will an advertisement be published in the local newspapers of Evian and its surroundings ? Does the real estate agency have a website where his properties for sale in Evian are listed ? Will your ad be visible in the agency window ? And if so, will the advertised advertisement be sufficiently comprehensive and well developed to attract buyers ? Will a sign be installed to indicate the sale of the unit ? The visibility of your ad is extremely important. Do not hesitate to inquire about the means available to the agency before entrusting your property.
    4. A responsive and available real estate agent
    A good real estate agent must know how to make himself available, exchange regularly with the seller to inform him of the progress of the research. A relationship of trust must be established between the seller and the real estate agent in charge of the sale of his property.
    5. Realtor's commission
    It is important to be able to negotiate the amount of commission that will accrue to the agency if it manages to close the sale. Generally between 3 and 6% of the sale price, the amount of real estate agents' fees is not regulated. It varies from one agency to another, and sometimes substantially. It is therefore naturally part of the selection criteria of the agency or agencies chosen to ensure the sale of the property.