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Selling a house or an apartment: what are the key steps ?

    Selling a house or an apartment: what are the key steps ?

    Selling a real estate property goes through a succession of key steps to be conscientiously followed to make sure the transaction runs smoothly. While it is not really an obstacle course, administrative formalities are quite long and numerous. In order to complete your sale in the best conditions, let DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER introduce you to the main steps :

    • First step is the valuation of the real estate property. Selling at the right price implies a real knowledge of the real estate market. DE CORDIER real estate puts its expertise at your disposal and guarantees a relevant valuation adjusted to the last trends of the local market. This valuation is realised for free.

    • Whether exclusive, semi-exclusive or simple, a mandate is to be signed if you want to entrust the sale of your property to an estate agency. Make sure you understand the different options that will be submitted to you. Regardless of the mandate you will choose, your property title or a certificate of ownership will be required to establish that document.

    • Many documents will be required to constitute the sale dossier – which are often to be given at the mandate signature. These documents vary if you put your house (building permit, declaration of completion of works, ten-year guarantees…), your apartment (Loi Alur elements, documents referring to collective ownership property…) or your land for sale. Your real estate agent’s role is to show you the documents required depending on your situation. A complete sale dossier ensures potential buyer’s questions to be answered without delay and promotes the good selling of your property. Technical diagnosis are established at this step as well, some elements such as energy diagnosis being compulsory for any advertisement.

    • Make sure your property always have a good presentation during visits. This advice is also to be taken into account regarding advertisement pictures. Make your property looks its best – same principle as for a job interview: the best your property will look, the more it will leave its mark on buyers and the more chances you will have to receive offers. As for a person, a first bad impression can be difficult to erase.

    • When someone will want to buy your property, the real estate agent will hand you his or her offer. The latter can be at the price and terms of the mandate as well as there can be a negotiation phase.

    • Once an agreement on the price is found between all the parties, a preliminary sale agreement is to be signed in a notarial office. Sale conditions and given deadlines for the authenticated deed will be indicated.

    • The real estate agent will keep on working on your property depending on the sale conditions. If a loan is to be obtained, he or she will follow the buyer’s steps so that the latter obtain his loan in the given deadlines indicated in the preliminary sale agreement. Some other steps, being of an administrative nature such as pre-emptive right, are also followed by the notary in charge of the transaction.

    • Signing the authenticated deed in front of the notary: the final step which concludes the transaction. The buyer’s funds arrived well of the notary’s account. The seller controlled the property and meters are read out. Keys are definitively handed over to the buyer and ownership of the property is transferred.

    Generally, three months pass between the signature of a preliminary sale agreement and the one of an authenticated deed. Choosing a serious real estate agent with a good knowledge of the different trades occurring during a sale can turn out to be decisive for you, he or she being here to guide you and to reassure you on the good advancement of the dossier. Real estate is our profession and our passion. Let DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER’s team put its expertise at your disposal in order to carry out your sale in the safest way.